Google Adsense Gets a Make Over with a new More Analytics Like Interface

Google Adsense New Interface Google let me in to the beta of the new Adsense interface.  It is pretty cool herunterladen. Unlike the Adwords "improvements" which I still don’t like.  The new Adsense does a lot of useful things,   The CTR to eCPM tool is interesting, and the daily trends let me know if it was my traffic, or my advertiser that was sucking on a given day amazon music like.

And while I can’t change if my ads are CPM or CPC, it is interesting to know that I am often getting a higher eCPM from CPM ads than CPC herunterladen.

Google Adsense CPM CPC Report

Overall I have to say I like the extra information, and since the menus haven’t changed much I like it google picasa download kostenlos deutsch.