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YUDU Screen Printing Machine "Kit" for making T-shirts and More

YuDu Screen Printing Machine Kit is the first "As Seen on TV" item I have wanted in a long while.  I have a lot of funny t-shirts, and I often have ideas for new ones.

I’m having a hard time justifying the Nearly $300 Price tag, but Amazon has it for a lot less (about $200).  They also have the Mesh screens for less than 20 cents a piece which is a really great deal.  So if you buy some nice Hanes Tagless T’s and do 20 shirts this is a deal.  Anything less and you will do better ordering custom shirts from CafePress.

The Yudu is packaged and sold with one silk screen but there are at least two situations in which you will want multiple imagescreens — to run multi-colored projects or to save an image on a spare screen for later use while continuing to use your Yudu for additional projects.
Multiple colors:
Most of the examples shown on the Yudu website are single-colored projects. If you’ve never seen multi-colored silk screening, you might want to watch some online videos on how professional silkscreener’s use multiple colors (i.e. 3-8 color t-shirt) to create their projects. It is much easier/faster to add multiple colors to projects by using one screen for each color.
Multiple Projects:
At some point, you may put an image on a screen and want to save it for use at a later date. The Yudu instructions guide the user to center your image on the Yudu screen. So in theory, if you only have one screen, you can only make one project. There are things you can do by placing smaller images around the center of the screen but then you have to "play" with centering your image on your project without the use of the built-in centering that the Yudu Platen gives you.
Recovering ink by scooping it from the screen and back into the ink bottle is an essential effort when using expensive silk screen ink. Recovering ink gets tricky if there are multiple colors on a single screen.