Demi Moore PhotoShopped on W Magazine (Reconstruction to show Original)

Some PhotoShop work is hard to detect, and forgivable we don’t want to see zits on our favorite teen stars, nor do we want to see stretch marks from models turned mothers herunterladen.

But some PhotoShop work is obvious.

So we took a look at how photoshopped this image was.  By adjusting the histogram of the image to accentuate the contras you can see that natural light creates gradients on the curves of Demi, (the bright pink around her arms, legs, and face.  PhotoShop creates removes these gradients unless the artist is really good at what they are doing pictures whatsapp.


Using the information from this picture we can reconstruct the original to a large degree herunterladen.


I think she looks much better in the "original" top 100 musik charts download kostenlos.

You can see the photo from the cover at Boing Boing netflix series does not work.