Jim Nance Sportscaster To Pay Ex-wife $916k a Year After Divorce

Jim Nance, Sportscaster for CBS will have to pay almost a Million dollars a year in alimony to his now ex-wife, as part of the divorce courts decision.  Jim Nance started dating prior to the divorce being finalized, but the Judge ruled that this was not the cause of the split and ruled no one was at fault videos von youtubeen.

The Judge gave the large award citing that Jim Nance took his wife with him almost everywhere on the road, and that with out her support he would not have achieved the level of fame and success that he did download the incredible 2.

Jim Nance has been a sportscaster about the same length of time as his marriage.  He earns over $7 Million dollars a year between his $3.9 Million CBS Salary and the $4M he makes as the Voice of the Titleist Golf Products microsoft word 2007 kostenlosen ohne anmeldung.

Nance testified that while he was traveling around the country broadcasting sporting events, his wife was home spending vast sums of money. In nine years, she spent nearly $1 million at Ed Mitchell, a high-end clothing and jewelry store in Westport weihnachtsmotive zum herunterladen.