Peyton Manning Divorce

I’m not a divorce attorney or lawyer, but if I was, I’d say that all the rumors people are talking about a Peyton Manning divorce to wife Ashley Manning (Thompson) have a chance of being true herunterladen.

The rationale being that there have been so many reports of a Peyton Manning divorce that there has to be some truth to it.  How does the old saying go, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

Peyton’s celebrity stock is at an all-time high taxfix app herunterladen. He has endorsements up the wazoo, his team the Indianapolis Colts are doing well, he has money, he has NFL fame and his “aww shucks” aura is authentic video from instagram download iphone. What I’m getting at is that dude can probably pull just about any hot woman in America. He knows it, women know it, but more importantly, his wife Ashley knows it sap programm herunterladen.

But I know, what you’re thinking, his wife is actually already hot and why would he stray???? Not only that, but they have been married since 2001 and seem committed to each other iphone video herunterladen. Well because we truly are nothing but mammals. Men tend to want 10 different women and women tend to want 10 different men to want them. It’s human nature google earth download. And if you’re him, you’ll probably want 100 women (at least). I’m not saying he’s like Wilt Chamberlin or Gene Simmons whose conquest with women are well documented, but when you achieve the level of fame that Peyton has, temptation comes with the territory download children's films online.

Now it’s never nice to talk about people or celebrities getting divorced or even predicting them, but I’ve been around the block enough times now to know when a divorce rumor has merit and this idea of a Peyton Manning divorce seems like it will come to pass herunterladen.

Take a look at this video of Peyton Manning with wife Ashley Manning watching Bruce Springsteen. They look so happy together.

Peyton married Ashley Thompson who early on said she understood the demands of being an NFL Wife.  While she may not be the one who puts on the Colt’s Jersey to hit the football field, "The way I really help Peyton is that I don’t demand a lot of his time," she says barbershop kostenlosen. "He’s willing to give it, but I’m not the type of person that is nagging on him. I think that helps him. He’s able to do what he needs to do and I’m very independent keepass 2 deutsch kostenlos. I do a lot of my own things.”

Ashley is a Real estate Tycoon in the making. Thompson attended the University of Virginia and graduated in 1997 while majoring in finance and marketing. Working in a field she loves,  she has built numerous spec homes in Tennessee. Recently her real estate development company is honing in on Indianapolis where she is involved in marketing a downtown residential development property.

So while rumors of divorce are still in the wind, Ashley is working hard to not need a divorce settlement.  She is building her own nest egg. "I really love seeing it go from nothing to this house. I love business. I’ve always been a business girl. When I was a little girl, I played banker," she laughs. "I was imitating my dad."