Man Conscious during 23-Year Coma

What an amazing awakening of a man conscious during 23-year coma.

In Brussels, a man named Rom Houben was misdiagnosed to be in a vegetative state while his body was paralyzed after an automobile accident which occurred 23 years ago free CV. Except for some very little movement in his hand, he was unable to communicate to anyone.

Now the man conscious during 23-year coma has been communicating with family and doctors and is now even writing a book herunterladen.

I can’t imagine how this guy must have felt, but watching the video below really got me to think if I was paralyzed, couldn’t talk, barely see, and couldn’t communicate…how would I feel free ringtone iphone?

The video which aired on CBS says that Rom was angry and frustrated at first, but slowly began to accept his situation. It seems the breakthrough surrounding this serious case of misdiagnosis is that the family refused to believe he was in a coma or vegetative state and kept bringing him to new doctors and specialists wdr mediathek videos herunterladen. His mother took him to someone who did a PET scan and they were able to realize that he was not in a coma or vegetative state at all and that his brain was functioning and scan looked normal adobe camera raw gratisen.

It is now known that Rom Houben was not in a coma and that he was in fact conscious the whole time. He was unable to really express himself, but now through the help of a touchscreen can communicate with people ps3 spiele zumen. Oh one must wonder what types of things this man heard. I’m sure he will be revealing it in his book.

Rom Houben’s story of a man in perceived coma gives hope to many families virusen und verschicken. The message is to never give up and for families to keep trying to find answers.

Check out this video of man conscious during 23-year coma.