Tim Floyd Gets in the Middle of Casino Catfight Scandal

Tim Floyd, the former USC basketball coach who was unceremoniously let go after the O.J. Mayo recruitment scandal, is making headlines again. This time though Floyd found himself in the middle of a catfight at the Morongo Casino in Cabazon, California word text herunterladen. You can also click here for enjoy gambling and making money herunterladen.

Credit coach Floyd with having the wherewithal to stop the fight till security guards came in. Tim Floyd’s career as a basketball coach might be in jeopardy, but his ability to break up fights might lead to a career in private security herunterladen.

If you take a look at the video below, you’ll see coach Tim Floyd jumping in the middle of the fracas of several women who were fighting in a food court Download and install psp games. The fight is a little tame, but had the potential of getting crazy as one of the women picked up a chair and almost launched it into the madness.

There is a chance that this little youtube video of Tim Floyd breaking up a fight will make it onto Tim Floyd Wikipedia page herunterladen. And if it does, it should note that he really didn’t do much, sorta like what he did as the USC Basketball coach.

Maybe I’ve seen too many episodes of Cheaters or Jerry Springer, but the fight seemed a little fake. Could it be a clever PR ploy by the Morongo Casino to get on people’s map? Probably not, but if it was, bravo bravo.