Do Push Notifications on iPhone count as a text message?

I play a lot of games and things on my phone and I was wondering do push notifications on iPhone count as a text message?

I went on Google and did a whole bunch of searches but still couldn’t figure out definitively if the push notifications from my iPhone apps will count against my AT&T bill app from microsoft store.

I recently installed Words with Friends and iMobsters and both ask the same thing after installation about allowing push notifications. And many casual games on the iPhone app store platform offer push notifications sap hinweis herunterladen. And even on the AT&T Wireless forum, lots of people are asking the same question and there is lots of confusion.

In some way it would make sense if push notifications on iPhone count as a text messages because it would make more money for AT&T minecraft kostenlos iosen. Then again lots of people who have the Apple iPhone already have the unlimited data and texting included in their plans.

While I think push notifications are really helpful to have, if they cost money then I won’t allow them kontoauszüge herunterladen postbank. If they turn out to be free and included then I’ll do them because I won’t have to have the app running all the time to get updates.