Final Fantasy XIV, New Game or FFXI Mulligan?

It all started back in 1987, when Square was having a brush with bankruptcy. Displaying some gallows humor, Hironobu Sakaguchi stated that his FINAL game would be a FANTASY role-playing game. And right there, one of the best-selling game series of all time was born. Now, after 12 console games, 1 MMO, two company changes, the series has reached its 14th iteration.

Once again, Square Enix is trying their hands at re-entering the MMO genre of games. The last time the company made the attempt (Final Fantasy XI), they were still known as Square, so we’re all looking forward to some massive improvements from that game. And, so far, the initial trailers are iffy.

We’re already starting to see some similarities in the races. For instance, the Miqo’te from XVI and the Mithra are both races of female-only catgirls. XVI’s Roegadyn and the Galka race from XI are almost identical. The Hyur match the Humes, Elezens to the Elvaan, and the short stubby Lalafells match up with Tarutarus.

Although we don’t have a lot of information on what classes will be available, the system for those classes is a bit different than Final Fantasy XI. Although you could change classes with relative ease in Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XIV makes it even easier. By simply changing a few key equipped items, your skills and abilities automatically change to fit that gear.

Some of the biggest problems with Final Fantasy XI were poor graphics, a poor economy set-up, a UI not conducive to PC gaming, and a high lack of story. Here’s to hoping Final Fantasy XIV fixes most of these problems and is more than just a graphical upgrade from Final Fantasy XI.