Bigot Berman: At Least ZillionTV’s Discrimination Is Equal Opportunity

Apparently Mitch Berman doesn’t just discriminate against women, but throws racial slurs around the ZillionTV office as well fritz fon c5 klingeltöne herunterladen. obtained documents today confirming that a ZillionTV contractor is pursuing legal action as a result of racially prejudice comments Mitch made in a meeting of most of Zillion’s remaining employees samsung sms.

Mitch Berman ZillionTV You’d think Zillion would tread a little softer considering the issues Zillion is having with paying contractors gta online download kostenlos deutsch. Several companies report Zillion is more than 60 days past due on invoices, and more than one contractor has contacted me to report that they “Hope ZillionTV burns in the deepest ring of Hell” because they haven’t been paid and don’t expect to be, one of the reasons an accountant said to generate an invoice is the first thing to do so you can be on top and keep track of them herunterladen.

ZillionTV which laid off most of it’s staff a few weeks ago has approached several would be investors unsuccessfully since the layoffs.  Facing a down round of fund raising, Zillion is according to one prospective investor “Shopping a valuation significantly less than the amount they have raised” fifa 20 xbox one herunterladen.

Several investors put in for bridge financing to get ZillionTV through its end of year, and did so with the expectation of equity at a discounted valuation but on an up round raft download for free.

Zillion’s failure to hit goals, get boxes deployed, sell advertising, or sign with ISP’s for distribution has severely impacted its ability to raise money.  Further impacting Zillion’s reputation is the recent reinvigoration of the SEC’s prosecution of ZillionTV’s former EVP Ben Silva microsoft dictate german for free.

At this point contractors looking to collect on out standing debts maybe as they say “trying to collect blood from a stone” which was how a Qwest employee stated the situation on the condition of anonymity herunterladen.