Copyright Just Isn’t What It Used To Be: Microsoft, Google, And ZillionTV Disrespect Intellectual Property

Microsoft got a double helping of lessons in IP this past week.  It turns out that Microsoft’s Juku Beta was developed in partnership with MSN China who used an outside development firm who pirated much of the source code, and image assets from competing social media company Plurk kalender excelen.

Even Microsoft’s attempt to do something nice for it’s Netbook users by making it possible to do an install via USB turned in to an issue when the solution included GPLv2 licensed software. 

Microsoft owned up on both of these and is working with the copyright holders, and the terms of the GPLv2 to rectify the situation. 

Google’s “Nexus One”, is clearly a play on the works of one of the most famous Android books of all time “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”.  Isa Hackett is working with a team of legal advisers to consider legal action, or a licensing agreement similar to what George Lucas got with Motorola for the moniker “Droid” free pdf herunterladen.

ZillionTV got its own double scoop of IP lesson’s this week.

zilliontv VUI ZillionTV seems to think just because you do work for them that they own the work even if they don’t pay you for it.  Albert Sandoval sent a cease and desist to ZillionTV’s hosting provider citing the DMCA as ZillionTV has used Albert’s copyrighted images but Zillion is now in default (over 90 days past due) on several invoices for the work download images for free. Albert says “ZillionTV has willfully infringed on my copyright for the past 90 plus days,” these works make up much of ZillionTV’s “VUI”.  Albert provided with a copy of his copyright application (1-292458981), and several unpaid invoices which specifically state that the copyright would be transferred upon payment. 

It appears that ZillionTV was named in a Class Action Patent Infringement case with LG/Zenith (2:09-cv-06196-PGS-ES).  ZillionTV’s claim to fame has supposedly been a patent for a “Buy it now” button on the remote.  LG makes a convincing argument for the dismissal of this patent as invalid, based on other patents in the portfolio being invalid.  If the New Jersey judge agrees not only will ZillionTV lose their patent but they may be required to pay legal fees incurred by LG, Panasonic, Sharp, Pioneer and others who were paying royalties to TVI for the use of the IP ipod gratis musik downloaden.

Considering ZillionTVs recent layoffs, and its inability to pay moneys owed to Albert Sandoval, and contractors who asked to remain nameless for now, it seems that ZillionTV would most likely not survive a decision against them stata download kostenlos chip.