Really Smart People: Brandon Wirtz, Robert Scoble, and SEO

It is interesting to me what people view as the test of an SEO.  “Really Smart People” is the Google Search that prompted Robert Scoble recently tweated was how he pick his “SEO of the Year” musiken kostenlos youtube.

Really Smart People for me isn’t an ideal test because while the words appear in articles quite often people aren’t competing for the term.  I’m in the top ten for “Great in Bed” which is part of a lot of search phrases mostly related to “How to be” “How to Tell if you are” “is your Lover”.   Really Smart people isn’t part of a search phrase, it is a sort of stand in for when you are writing an article and you want to say “there is no easy fix” cause a lot of “really smart people” are working on the problem amazon kostenlos bücher herunterladen.

YouTube’s Top hit for “Really Smart People”

Flickr’s Top Hit for “Really Smart People”

Really smart people are at this table by Kevron.

If I have done this right, and I usually do garmin update. This should be towards the top of the search results for really smart people in a week, and I can ping Robert, and point out, that it wasn’t that hard to rank for.  If not I can always delete this post and no one will have to know :-)