DirectLife: Small Steps to a Healthier You

Exercise. I hate it, you hate it, it’s just plain boring. Besides, who has time to go to the gym every day anyway? We all know that exercise is important, even for those not looking to lose weight wat is fbif. But it’s hard.

DirectLife helps you measure your activity level and add to it with the help of an Activity Monitor.

The Activity Monitor measures body acceleration (speed increase) in three different directions instagram videos download online. These measurements are combined with your age, gender, height and weight. The measurements are then converted to energy use, which are the calories you burn in different activities 7 zip download kostenlos deutsch windows 7. Way better than a pedometer.

Wear the Activity Monitor (in your pocket, on your belt or as a necklace) all day, every day and it will keep track of exactly how active you are herunterladen. It has a series of dots on the front, and each time one lights up green, you are 15% closer to your daily activity goal.

Then you plug it into your computer to access your personal DirectLife website were you can check your daily activity levels and track your progress towards your personal goals asphalt 8 free for pc.

DirectLife even assigns you a personal coach who will help motivate you, answer your questions and give you ideas on how to fit new activities into your lifestyle video on ipad.

DirectLife helps you make small,easy changes to your lifestyle that you are more likely to make habits instead of the crash course diets and exercised routines you stop after a few grueling days google play store musik download kostenlos. Taking the stairs, parking further away, walking the dog are all activities that are easy to fit into busy schedules and they all add up. There’s no need to do your recommended 30 minutes of activity all at once bewerbungsmappe kostenlosen. Small changes to your daily routine can have lasting health benefits.