Man Wins Lottery, Leaves Wife in Financial Ruin

Donna Campbell is getting help from a moving company who offered to help move her out of the home she once shared with her husband after the house went into foreclosure and was auctioned oude labels. Campbell never held title on the house with her husband, Arnim Ramdass, who has stopped paying for the mortgage.

Campbell’s problems began in 2007 when Ramdass bought a winning lottery ticket for a $19 million jackpot with his co-workers herunterladen. Campbell said she noticed Ramdass immediately cut cable, phone and Internet at their home. After Googling her husband’s name, she found out he was a lottery winner and that the money had been paid to his daughter from a previous marriage zehnfingersystem lernprogramm kostenlos downloaden. Bail bondsmen assume that because of the collateral to use for bail and because your friends or family are involved in the transaction, you will be more inclined to show up to your court date seven seas solitaire kostenlos downloaden.

When Campbell asked for her share of the money, he refused. Campbell went to civil court to fight Ramdass, but her case was dismissed as it was a family matter musik von youtube auf iphoneen. So Campbell has moved on to divorce court but Ramdass cannot be found to be served.

Campbell said police and private investigators haven’t been able to located Ramdass, but she believes he’s still in the area eingebettete filme downloaden. Authorities in Florida are offering a $5,000 reward for a lottery winner who has gone missing .

“I thought winning the lotto was supposed to bring together a family, a husband and his wife,” Campbell told the Miami Herald herunterladen. “But all I got was deception and lies.”