Adam Mesh, Scams, the Average Joe, and Business Kits

I spoke on the phone with Adam Mesh several times, and he very much seems to be a decent guy.

He is sending a copy of his product for me to do a full review on, but I can say for certain that a guy who calls to say that we didn’t give his product a fair shake, and offers to send a copy for us to review, is doing the right and stand up thing.  That earns Adam a lot of points in our book herunterladen.

Mesh claims to be an average Joe, but honestly the Average Joe doesn’t take this much pride in what he sells.  Could he still be a scam herunterladen? Possibly but more likely that like most business start up kits if you did what it tells you and you really put the work in to it you can make money.   Is It better than Amway herunterladen? I’ll find out.  But I don’t think from talking with him that it is a scam. 

Adam doesn’t push Penny Stocks.  That’s a big difference between his product and many of the others that are out there, and an important one, because many of the products on the market for making money in the stock market rely on the volatility of penny stocks to make their money, and those are very, very risky.