Using IE9 Platform Preview Beta To Test Your Website

The Microsoft Interent Explorer 9 ( IE9 ) Platform Preview is just a wrapper for the Browser Object, so it doesn’t have much UI, but behind that lack of UI is actually quite a few useful tools itunes apple de.

When you first run the IE9 Platform Preview you get a screen that has minimal menus, and a few links to Microsoft HTML demos.

Microsoft IE9 Beta Download and Platform Preview

You can browse to a page or website by selecting Page –> Open and then entering the URL you’d like to go to horror spieleen kostenlos deutsch.

Browse websites with IE9 Beta

To make certain you are viewing the IE9 version of the web page use Debug –> Force IE9 Document Mode vlc player kostenlos windows 8.1.

Where the Internet Explorer 9 Preview really shines is the developer tools,  under Debug –> Developer Tools.

Internet Explorer 9 IE9 Developer Tools Debug and Compliance tools

These tools offer all sorts of insight in to your HTML ranging from CSS, Script, and HTML syntax compliance issues, to what objects on your web page are slowing the rendering of the page down the most instagram bilder herunterladen online.