Modern Warfare 2 Map Pack is a Stimulus Package for Infinity Ward not the User

The “Stimulus Package” DLC map pack for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 ought to be called a Rape Pack.  I’ll still buy it, but 5 levels for $15 is expensive.  when you buy a game you expect the levels to be something like $1 a level.  Not $3.  To add insult to injury most of the levels are recycled levels from the first Modern Warfare fritz fon c5 klingeltöne herunterladen.

You can’t not get the download pack because if you play with friends and they have the pack and you don’t then you don’t get to play on those levels samsung sms.

I miss the old days where publishers added content from time to time because it was good for re-invigorating the brand.  Not purely as a way to part the fan base from their hard earned dollar.  

Shame on Infinity Ward and Microsoft for making this part of their “Recession Proof” gaming campaign gta online download kostenlos deutsch.