Ford SYNC’s with to Keep Users from Getting Lost

Ford and Howcast have released a series of videos to promote Ford’s latest line of cars, specifically the 2010 Ford Taurus, and to demonstrate some of the cool ways Ford’s technology adds value to their vehicles kostenlose weihnachtsmotive zumen.

The Ford SYNC is one of the best car navigations systems on the market, and is easily the best of the solutions available pre-installed from the factory, but many people don’t know it exists because if like me you don’t live in a community of American Auto Enthusiasts, you likely haven’t “Driven a Ford Lately” herunterladen.

In a sea of Prius and Bimmers Ford doesn’t get as many people in the Bay Area excited about the latest Taurus.  To help change that view Ford enlisted the help of a Dot Com with strong Social Networking ties, and the ability to not just reach an audience but inform them amazon app für tv herunterladen.

Howcast worked with Ford to create a set of videos that are both fun, and informative.  They don’t feel like commercials or sales pitches, because they aren’t they are training guides games for mp3 player for free.

The beauty of a “How To” is that it makes the viewer feel empowered to do the thing they just saw.  You never thought you could build a deck in your back yard until you saw Bob Villa do it, and after watching the trained professional 100 times you likely still don’t, but when the cute “Little Red Riding Hood” uses SYNC to get to Grandmother’s house, it is approachable. 

Ford Sync as used by Little Red Riding Hood on Howcast Howcast Videos follow a formula that is optimized to make content approachable, and “move along” you don’t feel like a how to is dragging on.  A company would not normally be able to hold a viewers attention for the two and a half minutes that these videos run, but with steps, animations, and tips along the way the guides become very approachable. 

Each video includes a text guide with pictures to go with it, which does more for SEO than what just a video would, adding additional value to Ford from  traffic that may have been a bit more along the lines of “how to use Ford SYNC”.  By making content easily approachable and discoverable Ford not only gains market reach, but lowers its support costs, and increases its customer retention.  Devices, Gadgets, and even Cars benefit from not only ease of use, but understanding of when to use them.  Demonstrating that Ford SYNC is more than “Just a GPS”, Ford addresses the people like my mom who say “but I never go anywhere I don’t already know how to get to”.  In “Ford Country” this is a major hurdle.  The places where Ford loyalty is highest are often the places where the perceived value of technology is lowest tomtom xl.

Through better education of buyers on how technology can improve the consumer experience, Ford can leverage the all important “upsell”.  While Ford makes money on the entry level vehicle convincing users to spend a little more for accessories moves margin more than volume alone could.  By creating user stories that consumers relate to Ford expands not only it reach, but the value of its existing reach herunterladen.


A few months ago I all but laughed at Ford’s announcement that they were going to spend millions on Social Media Marketing, but Ogilvy, Ford, and Howcast have put together an amazing campaign that is engaging, social, and should yield a great return on investment minecraft kostenlos zum downloaden.

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