Google Bridges Microsoft Office to Google Apps with DocVerse Purchase

Google has Bridged Microsoft Office and Google Apps with Google's 
purchase of DocVerse. Google purchased DocVerse on March 5. The
purchase price for the DocVerse plug-in is reported as $25 million dollars picasa download kostenlos windows 10.

DocVerse takes Microsoft Office documents that are created off-line with
the Microsoft Office Suite and converts them to online versions that can
be stored in the cloud titan quest android kostenlos. Then the online version can be displayed or
edited with Google Apps. Subsequent changes made to the Microsoft
Office Document are also made to the online version lustige profilbilder kostenlosen.

Now users of Google Apps Docs can access the Microsoft Office Documents
they have created off-line and store / update them form the cloud tonie wie lange herunterladen.

It is expected that Google will make DocVerse a free download.