Demand Media, Content Mills, and Quantity vs Quantity

Demand Media has created a formula for writing articles that very closely matches the ideal keyword, and related term densities that Google thinks are ideal for a page.  This results in a whole lot of mediocre content.  Much like Mahalo has a few gems, but is mostly crappy content optimized for Search, Demand Media doesn’t worry about building audience, brand, or loyalty.   The truth is if you are the top hit in Google for something it doesn’t matter what your URL is windows updates download niet.

The hard/easy part about video and SEO is that Google doesn’t “watch” the video.  If tomorrow I wanted to post the same Rick Roll Clip 10million times labeled as “Lady Gaga Tour Dates 2010”, “Reille Hunter Pictures in GQ” and “The 48 Laws of Power”  Google would have no clue, to the relevance of these videos to the search terms associated with them deezer herunterladen pc.

As Google moves forward with doing more Speech to Text for indexing videos the players that win will at least initially be the ones that have the voice over that is easiest for Google to read.  Spammers are already starting use Text to Speech software to figure out what things Google Voice can interpret with near 100% accuracy so they can create “slide show” videos with text stolen from other sites to build rank in Google’s upcoming Caffeine (the next version of Google Search) which is said to include speech to text indexes of videos not just on YouTube but across the web font free.

Google has never mastered the art of knowing good writing from SEO’ed writing, relying on inbound links to say what is “good” vs “bad” using simple popularity.  For Video the new inbound link is embeds.   The more places your video is embedded the more authority it has kaspersky antivirus herunterladen.

Because of the prominence of the Youtube API and plugins built around it, YouTube SEO starts to be a very important part of getting top rankings in Google’s “mixed” search results, results which contain text, images and video.  Caffeine returns video much more often than the current version of Google Search, and these changes will likely lead to a greater share of the market being Youtube results herunterladen.

One could argue without much effort that Google’s promotion of its own site in search results is Monopolistic.  I agree, but they will argue that it is just a function of how their algorithm works.   Rather than fighting the rules, I expect we will see a larger push by content providers to hosting their content, even their onsite content on YouTube.  

This will have advantages for some, in that it standardizes the player interface, the types of ads, and the bitrate expectations of users.  It also has negatives, it means that in return for that free hosting, and standardized interface, you are forced to give Google a cut of all of your Ad revenue.  It will take time to see if the standardization of Ads drives the price of ads up, or if the dilution and ease of ad integration creates a surplus of inventory for video ads. 

My expectation is that pre-rolls will become more prevalent and because pre-roll ads are compatible with TV ad creative that we will see a brief rise in ad prices as advertisers move from broadcast ads to the more targetable online ads.  This is likely to be short lived, as happened with TV Ads as users become increasingly dulled to their impact the price will decrease.  I also have already heard and don’t entirely disagree with comments made by people at Ogilvy that with TV ads these days you get a family of 4 people watching on a 37 inch screen for each “view” and that with online you get 1 person at 3.7 inches.   This is one 40th the impact.  I think if you are the first ad in an ad break this might be true, but if you are the middle ad, you are lucky if the family of 4 isn’t in the bathroom.   I also think that every time I get an ad for Yaz on my 150 inch that a 3.7 inch ad for a product my gender could use would be 100x as effective herunterladen.

The future is YouTube.  At least until the EU gets the Anti-Trust bug.  Then it will be like the browser wars and the Windows Browser Ballot.  Oh, wait that means it will still be YouTube…