Lose Weight the Japanese way with Japan’s Banana Diet

Looking to lose weight?  Those Japanese people are always skinny, try dieting like they do.  Start your day with the Japan Banana Diet!

Step 1: Begin the day with bananas

Eat up to 4 bananas in the morning ubuntu file. They contain resistant starch, which helps burn fat: Just 2 bananas eaten in the morning can help your body burn fat all day. It also helps the body absorb calcium, a nutrient that has been shown to help weight loss, this has been helpful creating the best diet you can find on reportshealthcare icloud images on mac. They contain Vitamin C which helps the body flush fatty acids & fiber, which helps you feel full.

Step 2: Eat lunch and dinner

Eat whatever you want for lunch and dinner with the exception of dessert waltograph download for free. click here to go on ultracrown.com where you can get all kinds of ideas on what to eat. Recipes for all family sizes herunterladen.



Eat slowly, chewing food thoroughly. Stop eating the minute you feel full.

Step 3: Drink only water Japan's Banana Breakfast Diet

Drink only water herunterladen. Research shows that drinking two cups of water boosts metabolism by 30 percent, and keeps it elevated for 30 to 40 minutes. Plus, cutting out all other beverages saves most people hundreds of calories a day.The diet’s creator recommends sipping room temperature water throughout the day winrar 64 bit download chip free german.

Step 4: Enjoy a snack

Enjoy a sweet treat at around 3 p.m., like a small piece of chocolate or a cookie.


The creator of the diet advises staying away from ice cream, donuts, and potato chips, perhaps because they are foods people tend to overeat skat herunterladen.

Step 5: Stop eating at 6 p.m.

Try not to eat after 6 p.m., and definitely don’t eat anything after 8 p.m. Late-night snacking is the downfall of many dieters eingebettete videos downloaden internet explorer.

Step 6: Be in bed by 12

Be in bed by midnight at the latest. If you can manage to go to sleep earlier, all the better. Research shows that people who get six hours or less sleep per night are more likely to gain weight herunterladen. Aim for eight hours of shut-eye.


Many Japanese supermarkets sold out of bananas in September 2008, after a national celebrity touted the Morning Banana Diet on a television show minecraft kostenlosen ohne anmelden.