Latest Flash Player Download Available at

The Latest Flash Player Plugin from Adobe is live on .  The under 2 megabyte install includes the plugin for Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer (IE) and Safari.  The new version adds additional security fixes, hardware acceleration, and improvements to the consistency of the experience between browsers.  There is still no 64 bit native version of Adobe Flash Player, but the 32 bit version works fine on 64 bit versions of Windows thunderbird rest of the message.

The Update also improves the performance of Hulu Desktop, and other Flash powered desktop apps.  You may also notice that YouTube HD plays back better on slower or older machines vera herunterladen. On my 64 bit Windows 7 Install I noticed a lot less tearing, and smoother playback after updating.

I also noticed that flash used less memory after this update ccleaner kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch.Latest Flash Player Available For Download at

While some software is better to wait until tested by others before you upgrade, the security and performance enhancements in the latest flash player plugin and the trustworthiness of Adobe make this a download worth installing right away.