Xbox 360 Spring Dashboard Update Goes Live April 6th 2010

The Spring Update for the Xbox 360 Dashboard adds a few new fixes and features.  The most notable is the ability to use a Thumb Drive or other USB Mass Storage for your saved games, your profile, and your downloads.  

You have to use a device over 1 gigabyte in size, and you can only use up to 16 gigs in a single partition.  You can have 2 devices attached so you can have 32 gigs of usb storage attached to your Xbox 360 garmin update.

This is probably the biggest win for people looking at the Xbox 360 Arcade version of the Xbox which comes with no hard disk.  While 16 gigs is not huge, it will store several videos, and quite a few Xbox Live Arcade games kalender excelen.

When you first set up your USB stick you will see:

Xbox 360 Spring Dashboard Update Goes Live

After selecting the USB Storage Device select Configure Now free pdf herunterladen.

Configure Xbox 360 for USB Mass Storage Devices such as Thumb Drives

Select how much memory you want to reserve for your Xbox 360

Adjust how much memory you want to use on your USB Stick

You will be warned that you will lose any information contained on the Thumbdrive download images for free.

Confirm you want to reserve space on this USB Drive

After selecting “Yes” the Xbox 360 will format and test the new partition on the USB Stick ipod gratis musik downloaden.

Format the USB Drive For Xbox 360 Use 

If your drive was fast enough and had no errors you get this success screen stata download kostenlos chip.

Your USB Drive is configured and ready to use with the Xbox 360