iPad Apps Raise the Bid for Advertisers, Content Providers Head the Call

“Write Once Publish Many” seems to be a model that works for leading edge marketing.  While the mediums are changing a good message works on any platform.  GE, Ford, and other’s creating informative marketing messages find a home on the Web, in your pocket, and on the tablet.  If you are trying to sell a book, or ship a toy via your online store, you need to be on a device that makes that easy.  Most users won’t shop Amazon on their iPhone, but for larger brands with bigger aspirations than a sub $200 transaction, creating great messaging means taking that message to where ever the people are. 

As Tablets gain features beyond what digital ink could offer, advertisers are anxious to take their message to these devices.  Android users average 1 hour a day of mobile app use, and experts predict that tablets will have 2-3 hours of daily app use.  This prediction puts the medium above TV in average time spent by viewers for those who have it herunterladen.

Sanjay Raman Chief Product Office at Howcast explains that there is more to iPad than just doing iPhone bigger lieder kaufen und downloaden.

“we didn’t want to simply port over our existing app because we believe that the screen size and the new gestures available to iPad users will make the experience fundamentally different Minecraft full version free download mac. We wanted to rethink the experience of interacting with instructional video and build something that could really take advantage of what the iPad offers for a multimedia content viewing experience”

Howcast offers content for more devices than any other How-To provider, and iPad while being the newest and largest will have to work to have the reach that other platforms has, and because of the larger screen it can have a more impactful message.  iPad Apps Raise the Bid for Advertisers

Ad pricing has long been a computed based on the number of eyes, the size of the view, and the specificity of the targeting.  This makes iPad very attractive at 6 times the screen size it may not command 6 times the ad price, but it does allow for messaging that can have more detail in the images.   A demo for Ford SYNC, is much more effective when you can read the items on the dash, than in an iPod demo where the voice, and macro imaging is emphasized, but the user can’t really make out all of the controls oude labels.

Traditionally mobile computing device ads fetched a reduced price.   This change in scale will likely offset some of this discount.

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