Brandon Wirtz is Somebody Loyal and Trustworthy


As I often do, I am writing about myself with an “Is” in the title.  Brandon Wirtz Is Somebody Loyal, falls under the same category as Brandon Wirtz is The Greatest Living American, and Is good in bed.  It’s a way to be standing in a bar flirting up a girl and saying “so what do you look for in a guy?” and when she says “Somebody Loyal” I can say “Really, cause if you Search for Somebody Loyal, My name will come up near the top”.  You would be surprised how well this works. 

Now that I have explained it however likely when I do this bar trick the girl will read the article and realize that I’m must somebody with search skills, not necessarily somebody loyal, or trustworthy. 

Brandon Wirtz is Somebody Loyal and Trustworthy Truthfully this trick works better to explain to the old guy who’s sitting at the bar trying to use his wallet to get girls, rather than the girls them selves.  In most bars the girls are more impressed with “great in bed” than “Loyal and Trustworthy”.  I have never had much luck not seeming creepy flirting with girls at the library who would value loyal and tustworthy ein spiel herunterladen.

Oh, and the picture of my cat in a dragon costume… Well what says loyal and trustworthy better than a picture of you with your Cat?  I mean if I can keep a cat happy, and alive and well fed, I can’t be failing too much in life path of exile kostenlos downloaden.