Review of the Optoma HD66 3D DLP Home-Theater Projector

I bought the Optoma HD66 3D DLP projector from, and I’m quite happy with it as a TV for Gaming, and I have done some cool stuff with it with regards to 3D using Nivida’s 3D Vision Product, and Xpand’s LCD Shutter Glasses herunterladen.

It is easily the best $700 I have spent in a long time.  But it likely is not the bets $700 you could spend.

As much as I love this little projector, I have a bigger budget, and more engineering background than most people.  While I have it upconverting my DVD’s, Blu-Rays and Xbox 360 games to 3D, I’m using another $5000 worth of equipment to do this. 

If you buy this projector expecting that it will play your Xbox 360 games like Avartar, in 3D you will be sadly mistaken.  This projector doesn’t support any of the standard 3D modes that exist in the world except 120hz.  No Real3d Left by Right, No “3D DLP” Checkerboard, no Field Sequential.  You feed it frame sequential 120hz or nothing at all herunterladen.

When you are in 120hz mode the picture is degraded quite a bit also.  This is because there is a period of black between lit frames, and there is twice as much of this at 120hz as there is at 60hz sky ticket movies.

Review of the Optoma HD66 3D DLP Home-Theater Projector In 2d 60hz mode this is a brilliant projector, that blows every home display I have owned out of the water for contrast, color accuracy, and sharpness.   That said it took a lot of mucking with the color settings to get it to this point.  The defaults out of the box are set to a mode I can only describe as Crayola mode.  Every color popped off the screen trailed by rainbows. 

3d Mode when enabled “upconverts” content to 120hz, but it seems to do so in the worst manner possible.  The results is not smooth, but rather somehow it seems to stutter more.  Likely this is a strange judder side effect, but it is quite disconcerting when you feed the HD66 1080p 24 and it outputs what feels more like Hulu with random skips and stutters ich kann keine mms herunterladen.

Optoma should be congratulated on making such a great entry level device, but at the same time their claims that they are 3D ready is a bit of a stretch since I had to hack drivers for my display to get it to work with Nvidia’s 3D vision, Xbox supports every 3D mode except the one Optoma Chose.  TI pushes Checkerboard as the format of choice and that isn’t supported, so I’m not sure it is 3D Ready so much as 3D capable whatsapp für android kostenlos herunterladen.

The HD66 Projector has only one of each type of input, so you’d better have your own switcher.  The Remote is adequate, but the angle of the receiver is stupid so you can’t hit it if you have the projector mounted over you.  Unless you are doing a presentation and standing next to the screen the remote pretty much requires a repeater waldgeräusche kostenlosen.

The fan on the Optoma is a bit loud for being mounted over you.

The throw is adequate, but the Zoom on the lens doesn’t change the size much, so most of the time you move the projector not the zoom word download student.

Vibration from the fan will cause the lens to slowly change focus over 20 hours or so, so you can’t install and forget this projector because you need to re-focus it every 10 hours of use or so autoruns.

Overall I’m happy with the purchase, but I think most people looking for an easy set and forget projector could do better with one of it’s competitors bose soundtouch 20 app herunterladen.