www.masssave.com/residential Mass Save Rebates for Appliances

Mass Save Rebates (www.masssave.com/residential ) offers appliance rebates.  If you have an older appliance you may be able to save enough on your energy bill in the first year of owning the new appliance to pay for the upgrade, but to help make sure you get your money back quickly Mass Save is offering rebates amazon prime in English.

To get your Mass Save Rebate:

1. Visit www.MassSave.com/residential or call 1-877-627-9271 to obtain a reservation number and rebate form, starting at 10 a.m herunterladen. Thursday.
2. Once you have a reservation, go shopping. A list of participating stores, eligible appliances, and program rules can be found at the MassSave website videos downloaden und konvertieren kostenlos.
3. Schedule with the retailer delivery of the new appliance and removal of the old one.
4. Mail the rebate form, copy of a detailed sales receipt, copy of a recent electric bill, and a copy of a document confirming pickup of the old appliance to the address on the rebate form google play store free for mobile. Applications must be postmarked by June 19.


This is a great Earth Day Opportunity, so upgrade your kitchen, and save the planet!