EMail Says I won 1.8B Euros in an Email Lottery

So based on this e-mail I think I might buy a house… or a private island. I can’t believe how lucky I am I didn’t even know I entered and now I’m a Billionaire… I’ll have to look up the exchange rate to see what that is in US Dollars herunterladen.

Do you think I should get it in Check or Wire Transfer… Probably a wire transfer since they often put a 7 day hold on even my small checks from out of state, a check for 1.8 Billion Euros might take a while to clear…

Don’t think I will forget about you as soon as my check clears I’ll get you each a Ferrari, or maybe some really nice US made car (to support the economy) videos downloaden und konvertieren kostenlos.

And since it went to “undisclosed-recipients” I am guessing I had better act fast or all the good islands will be taken by other winners.

What spammer would pick such an absurd amount google play store free for mobile? Are there people who see that they won 500k and think, eh, that’s not worth writing back for Maybe if it were 1.8 billion I could be bothered with this download the images website.

Can you imagine the taxes on such a prize? It would be worth moving to Antarctica, or Oceania for a year to avoid them.


—–Original Message—–
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Sent: Tuesday, April 06, 2010 9:12 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS WON YOU 1,865,615,810.00EURO sky ticket mac.


Dear winner,

You have every reason to be happy, because you are one of the selected winners of EURO BILLIONES MAIL Xplosive promotion,held on the 1st of April whatsapp messenger gratis downloaden. in Madrid, Spain.

Your email address has won you a prize money of 1,865615,810.00EURO(One Billion and Eight Hundred Sixty Five Million and Six Hundred and Fifteen Thousand Eight Hundred and Ten Euros) EURO orf tvthek post download. Do note that this was done randomly, and your email address emerged as one of the lucky winners, congrats !

Claims agent: Dr.Martins Fernando

Tel:+34 672 509 598

For further information on how to collect your prize money, do send an email to claims agent containing your; Full name:


Contact Address:


Fax Number:



Payment options: (Cheque or Bank Transfer) Also a copy of this email message and your personal identification number kostenlose geburtstagsvideos zumen. P.I.D.N:(ESx/1.08WSTpCL) Due to possible mix up of some numbers and email contacts, we ask that you keep this award strictly out of public notice until your claim has been processed and your money remitted herunterladen. This is part of our security protocol to avoid double claiming or unscrupulous acts by some participants of this program.


Maria Boris.