3D Camcorder For Under $400 Using Dual Video Cameras

So you want to shoot video in 3d, but you don’t want to pony up for the 5 figure Panasonic?  Well you can get great results for under $400 with a little bit of elbow grease, and a LOT of work in the editing room.

image Using a Drill, a “Shoe Bracket” from Best Buy, and a #20 Screw this set up will take about 15 minutes to make, and allows you to use a standard tripod, Camcorder accessories like lights, and mics, and supports varying levels of stereoscopic separation.  We chose the Kodak Zi8 for this setup because it has great Video, was cheap, small, and has DC power inputs so if we wanted to shoot and charge we could.  This could work just as well with a Flip camera, or JVC small form factor, or a Sony Webby HD.

CIMG5516Simply drill a 7/32 inch hole in the bracket.

 CIMG5517 You want to be as far over as you can and still have the camera fit, this will allow you the most room for adjusting the 3D parallax.

CIMG5520 Insert and tighten the screw into the hole you just drilled.

CIMG5523 Check that the camera mounts securely.

CIMG5525 Attach the second camera.

image Mount the rig to your tripod or monopod, and prepare to start shooting in 3D Stereoscopic. 

When you are shooting it is difficult to get the cameras synced, so you may want to use a flash bulb to create a white burst which you can easily identify in the video.

When you are shooting you can adjust the amount of 3D effect by changing how far apart the cameras are and by pointing the cameras slightly towards each other.

When you look at something a short ways away your eyes cross slightly.  The Amount of cross eyed-ness helps your brain decide how far something is from you.  Pointing the two camera’s so they are slightly cross-eyed allows you to create shots that pop out of the screen. Rather than just sticking in.

image Think up something fun to go shoot!  And remember that great 3d has things at various distances, and you need to frame what the viewer will be looking at, in the center of the image.