Lauren Rosenburg is an Idiot: Idiot Sues Google Maps Because She Walked Into Traffic

If you are making a recipe for cookies and it says that you should us 16 pounds of butter not 16 ounces of butter, you can’t sue for the heart attack after.  Common sense should have told you to stop.   If Google gives me driving directions that point me down one of San Francisco’s Left Turn only after 7pm on week day’s streets, I can’t ignore the law and make the left turn microsoft outlook 2017 kostenlos vollversion.

If there aren’t sidewalks that doesn’t mean walk down the middle of the road.  That’s your stupidity not the stupidity of the directions spiele von steam herunterladen.

I once had a GPS tell me to make a right turn on to a bridge that was over the tunnel I was in under water.   That just doesn’t work, but I didn’t test it to find out.  Lauren Rosenburg however thinks its Google’s fault she was walking down a busy highway and struck by a car.   Lauren Rosenburg is an Idiot: Idiot Sues Google Maps Because She Walked Into Traffic

Google has always had a disclaimer on their directions saying that they are in beta, and that there may be missing sidewalks.  Likely Rosenburg who never learned in school not to play in the street, never learned to follow directions either.  Lauren was using a blackberry, so it is more likely in my mind she should be suing blackberry for creating a device that is so addictive people use it while driving, or walking on the highway.  There has to be some controlled substance law for that right jewels star kostenlos downloaden?

Defendant Google, through its “Google Maps” service provided Plaintiff Lauren Rosenberg with walking directions that led her out onto Deer valley Drive, a.k.a kurzgeschichten zum herunterladen. State Route 224, a rural highway wit no sidewalks, and a roadway that exhibits motor vehicles traveling at high speeds, that is not reasonably safe for pedestrians herunterladen.

You can read the complete court document here nintendo ds lite spiele herunterladen.