Nero Files Anti-Trust Lawsuit Against MPEG-LA

Nero of "Nero Burning Rom" fame has filed a lawsuit against MPEG-LA.  MPEG-LA represents 53 patents in the MPEG-2 Patent portfolio.  Many of these patents are required to make any Motion Vector or Macro-Block based codec, such as VP8 which Google is attempting to release as an Open Codec, or VC-1 that Microsoft attempted to release as an Open Codec, and then found it needed to also have MPEG-LA act as the standards body for licensing the codec xbox 360 games download to usb stick.

The argument that MPEG-LA is a monopoly might seem like a "well-duh" kind of thing, but MPEG-LA is also the Anti-Trust agency as well.   With out MPEG-LA if you were Nero and wanted to make a product that used a motion vectors for compression or decompression of video, you would have to go to the 9 companies that hold 21 patents related to that technology and license each bit of the technology individually.  If you screwed up in any way and happened to use a technology that had overlap as a result of two companies having similar technology you might infringe on a patent and get sued years after your product launched.   MPEG-LA has created a situation where that doesn’t happen.  The collection of patents and their holders have already worked out the pricing, and the shared IP issues, so you don’t have to worry about if you need a patent from Bell Labs, or Panasonic for the particular implementation you are using ultimate chicken horse kostenlos downloaden.

If this to say that MPEG-LA is perfect? Of Course not, but you are also not bound to them you can still go directly to each of the patent holders and do a deal, but you risk the similar IP/Patent issues aforementioned.  If however you were building a 3D upconverter that used motion search range detection, and didn’t compress video you wouldn’t need the full patent portfolio from MPEG-LA just the one or 2 patents relating to that technology and could bypass MPEG-LA and go straight to the source.  In this case you may even benefit from the MPEG-LA existing because it is well documented what the licensing royalties for that tech are from MPEG-LA and you could use that as a starting point for negotiations Download app.

If you wish to read the Court Documents there is a PDF here windows media player für windows 2000 kostenlos downloaden.

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