Alligator Snapping Turtle Gets Its Snap-On in China

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Fisherman Sun Yongcheng caught an Alligator Snapping Turtle which is very common here in the US in his net while fishing in Weishan Lake.

Alligator Snappers were very common at the camp I worked, and would grow to nearly 3 feet across, and could take your finger off if you were unlucky enough to get too close to their mouth.  Snapping turtles look about like an alligator with a shell, or an iguana with a shell.  They don’t look much like Box Turtles or Leather Backs that are more common and smaller scribd herunterladen.image

Hardly a Cyptozoology mystery, likely some one had the turtle as a pet and as it got larger they realized that a pet that would be happy to eat your hand is not an ideal pet, and released it in to the wild. 

While Chinese authorities say that the "alien" species could have presented serious ecological problem to Weishan Lake, a single turtle is not going to breed, so it is only going to do as much damage as a single turtle can do in the 100 or so years it could live.  A few fish a day, far less than Sun Yongcheng takes from the lake every day java kostenlos windows 10.