Venus Williams French Open Outfit: SeeThru Lingerie on the Tennis Court

Venus Williams French Open Outfit looked more like something from the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, than the French Open.  In a country with nude beaches they may be more accepting of nudity in public, but Venus Williams seemed to think she was at the Moulin Rouge not a Tennis Tournament mero baller los download kostenlos.

It’s not that Venus doesn’t have a nice ass, but there is a time and a place to show it.  Tennis Skirts are supposed to be the hot apparel on the court, if Venus wanted to compete in a negligee she should have taken up ice dancing, or pole dancing. 

We don’t see things like this in male sports.  Sure we used to have Dennis Rodman playing with funny colored hair, but we never had male athletes with their bits hanging out herunterladen. The cheers and boos of the crowd should be because someone is or isn’t winning, not if the last move they made raised their skirt.  I guess Williams was just trying to make up for there not being cheerleaders, or possibly she was trying to get the kind of exposure her sister Serena Williams wardrobe malfunction got recently.  What is a twin to do, if your body double is showing off her body, you might as well show yours too since everyone has seen it right herunterladen?