British Scientist Infects Himself With Computer Virus, And So Can You

The BBC is reporting that a British Scientist has been the first human infected with a Computer Virus.  Only the Virus is one he wrote and the infection is to an RFID that he made icloud bilder downloaden windows.

I’m a shameless self promoter, but I could do this in about 15 minutes with USB stick stuck up my butt.

Dr. Mark Gasson implanted an RFID which could store information under his skin samsung töne herunterladen. He then infected the device and proved that the device could then pass the infection.  He says this was to prove that computer powered implants in the future could possibly infect each other if not secured congstar apn herunterladen.

I could have done the same thing by making a USB suppository, or an EYE-FI suppository and then giving one to a friend and see if we could infect each other.   The experiment would have proved the same thing, and taken a lot less money, and if I did it in Britain it would have made for a helluva Monty Python sketch netflix to pc.


I don’t believe Dr lieder von youtube legal und kostenlos herunterladen. Gasson’s "Proof of Principle" showed anything we didn’t already know.  There was recently a hacker conference where they remotely hacked a Prius and engaged its brakes, but in that example they had to slip a device in the car to do it.  This is pretty much the same thing for medical devices, it is unlikely we are going to connect to our pacemaker via wifi from a web page and "upgrade" the firmware.  Medical companies aren’t that stupid.  The liability for allowing such a disaster would be crippling amazon software herunterladen.

No, Gasson is like me an attention seeker.  I’d make a video replicating his work with a suppository, but the truth is you don’t really want to see my rectum, nor that of any of my friends who would be willing to stick something I made in their butt beautiful Christmas cards to download.