Howcast Demonstrates Learning Model That Could Bring The iPad to Education

Ben Roeder, the superintendent of Fremont Community Schools in Indiana wants to use iPad in the classroom.  Unfortunately for Ben, the iPad doesn’t have a lot of learning software, it is lacking in the direction of word-processing, and none of the books used in the class room are available for it windos 10. The form factor is ideal, but the software and library of learning content isn’t there yet, but it might be coming. has just released the iPad version of their "Instructional App".  More than just a "big" version of their popular iPhone app, the new Howcast app offers both video and rich text, creating an experience that is more engaging than video or text alone could be video von tvthek downloaden.Howcast Demonstrates Learning Model That Could Bring iPad to Education

While many companies are working on eBook, or Video Apps, Howcast created an app that balances the benefits of each medium, and creates a user interface that makes information easy to find, and very useful tomb raider spiele kostenlosen.

The problem with purely video lessons, is that you have to wait for them to tell you the things "You will Need" which can be more quickly found in text than through scrubbing through video.  But unlike text video offers the ability to show close up the steps to do complex actions.  Howcast has demonstrated in the past they they had an ideal recipe for creating content that was informative and engaging, but their latest app demonstrates their understanding of instruction as well app youtube videos downloaden apple.

Wired Magazine which has created the most successful pay app on the iPad has demonstrated that content providers are anxious to engage users in new ways, but where Wired is a one issue, one download, Howcast can update their content at any point allowing for revisions, new content, and re-engagement with users on an ongoing basis netflix filme kostenlos downloaden.Howcast App Steps

Mirroring this model to the classroom seems a logical next extension.  When you first launch the Howcast iPad app you see the new content of the day, much like when you walk in to a 4th grade classroom you might see the lessons of the day on the black board.   And this is for me the appeal of the Howcast App.  It is a destination App, something you can fire up at any time and find something new, something entertaining, something instructional, but it is also a reference library from which you can search for things on demand.  It is the text book, the teacher and the encyclopedia, wrapped in one snapfish fotos herunterladen. If you want it to be it is also recess.

Apple has created a platform that has potential beyond what it is.  Today the iPad isn’t that exciting for most  people, but if more apps like Howcast’s start to appear, we could see the iPad truly become the educational tool that early adopters like Mr mehrere dateien automatisch downloaden. Roeder hope it will be.

Howcast App Playback

If you want to try the Howcast iPad App get it at the iTunes App Store