Pew Research Survey Reveals People Lie About Their Time Online

Pew Research reports only 69% of Internet users have watched an online video.  This is hard to believe when you check Alexa and see that something like 30% of US Citizens visit YouTube once a month (last week  24.45000% of the Internet visited Youtube).  To test this hypothesis I asked a friend who doesn’t even have a facebook account, if she had watched a video online, she said no sims 2 download origin. Then I asked if she’d seen any good youtube videos lately and she told me the Diet Coke and Mentos guys had a video of them at Ames Research with a cart powered by diet coke.   Apparently like Playboy she just visits YouTube for the Articles powerpoint smartart download for free.

Speaking of Playboy… Only 6% of users say they use the internet for adult video?   2.7% of the Internet Visited last week.   Considering at least 50% of Internet users are male, and 20% are teenagers (of either gender) I don’t believe this number is anywhere near this low herunterladen.

Pew Research Survey Reveals People Lie About Their Time OnlineMakes you think that if asking users questions gives such inaccurate results if the amount of money they cite is right either.   Maybe the reason so many of these people are rich is they don’t fritter away their money on adult videos, and don’t waste their time on Youtube…

In an unrelated study 85% of Internet users have an IQ over 110, and on a scale of 1 to 10 are an 8 or better for "hotness" herunterladen.

Found via Ryan Lawler