ICSL Reports Overly High Rates of Pirated Content Based On Honey Pots From Copyright Enforcement Agencies

The Internet Commerce Security Laboratory (ICSL) is reporting that only .3% of the content on torrent sites is legal.  While I might have believed that .3% of downloads were of legal content, I’m not believing that this number is accurate for the actual make up of the content games from windows 7.

Looking through the list of the ICSL’s most pirated content it is pretty easy to see that the content that is listed as the most pirated is made up almost entirely of "Honey Pot" content which is placed by anti-piracy organizations to either catch those looking to pirate content, or is fake content used to frustrate those looking to pirate content herunterladen.

"The Incredible Hulk 2008" is a great example of content that no one cares about.  This was one of the most popular torrents of its time as it was released to the Internet prior to its theatrical release download images from google drive on iphone.

Based on the timeframe the ICSL sites for their study we should have seen Kendra’s recently released DVD featuring her exploits after dark.  Or prominent new music releases from the alternative bands.  The type of person using torrent sites is much less likely to be a "Lady Gaga" fan than they are to be a fan of "Kings of Leon"

While it should surprise anyone that mainstream media didn’t know how to fact check the ICSL findings, I’d have thought better of ArsTechnica who reported on this as though the ICSL’s word was lore skype kostenlos herunterladen für computer.