www.uvvu.com ULTRAVIOLET The New DRM Destroys Your Anonymity And Ability To Watch Off The Grid

Ultraviolet (uvvu.com) the latest DRM Scheme for studio content such as movies, blu-ray and on-demand titles has the stated goal of  being "designed to let consumers enjoy movies and TV shows without being locked into one specific format." It may do that, but at the expense of requiring every household member register their devices and their content how to download youtube videos as mp3.

UVVUIf you share an Xbox Live account in your family you may not think too much about this, all your purchases are available to the other members who use that device, but since generally the Xbox doesn’t have that risque of content, and an Xbox is either "yours" or the "family’s" you don’t buy things on it you wouldn’t want the rest of the family to know about, or the rest of the family just wouldn’t have opportunity to see ams app herunterladen.

In this new model a nuclear family of four would share an account, and any content one bought they would all be able to see and share.  So when mom and dad are having a quiet night in and rent "kama sutra" unless they set the parental controls everyone can see.  Well what if you don’t want to censor your 19 year old off to college, but you don’t really want them to know what you are watching herunterladen? or Vice Versa?

The other issue I have with this scheme is that it requires that when a child goes off to college, or when I break up with a live-in girlfriend I can’t divide up the DVD’s and say "these are mine, these are yours" they are now locked in to a single account, so the Blu-Ray player that was in our bedroom and the Bluray player in the living room, either have to be both mine, or both hers, and she will either get my action movies in the divorce or I get her Romantic Comedies adobe scanen.

Why so many distribution partners have signed up for Ultraviolet is beyond me.  This is likely the death of internet purchased content.   I get that a Sony would want to enable Disc purchases to also work for playback via IP transport, but if buying content on my Xbox 360 means that I can play it every where except my Blu-Ray player, and buying the Disc at Walmart lets me play it everywhere, which am I going to buy schnell musiken? Or at what Price differential?

Current UVVU.com Members include:

Adobe, Alcatel-Lucent, Ascent Media, Best Buy, Blueprint, BT, CableLabs, Catch Media, CinemaNow, Cineplex Entertainment, Cisco, Comcast, Cox Communications, CSG Systems, Deluxe, DivX, Dolby, DTS, ExtendMedia, Fox Entertainment, Hewlett-Packard, Huawei Technologies, IBM, Intel, Irdeto, LG Electronics, Liberty Global, Lionsgate, LOVEFiLM, Marvell Semiconductor, Microsoft, MOD Systems, Motorola, Nagravision, NBC Universal, NDS Group, Netflix, Neustar, Nokia, Panasonic, Paramount Pictures, Philips, RIAA, Red Bee Media, Rovi, Saffron Digital, Samsung, Secure Path, Sonic Solutions, Sony, Switch Communications, Tesco, Thomson, Toshiba, Verimatrix, VeriSign, Warner Brothers, Widevine Technologies, Zoran

There is no mention on the UVVU.com site of how Offline Plays are handled, or how I take a movie to a friends house for a party.  It doesn’t actually sound like either of these traditional playback activities are supported.  Nor does this model allow for selling used discs, or a traditional "Hollywood Video" or "Blockbuster" rental model serien zum herunterladen.