Review and Test Drive of the 2010 Audi R8 5.2 FSI

I recently had the opportunity to take the 2010 Audi R8 5.2 for a few laps around Leguna Seca.  The experience was to say the least, awesome.  The $150k sticker price on this car puts it out of reach of most drivers, but considering the Audi R8 is a supercar you might actually consider taking to the store, I think it is very reasonably priced, especially when compared with the Lexus LSA which is about twice the price and was far less impressive to the girls (which face it if you are buying a car like this matters) herunterladen.Review of Audi R8 5.2

The Audi R8’s 5.2 liter engine produces 525 HP and a beautiful roar which sounds great outside of the vehicle, and just the right amount of growl inside the cockpit.  Cockpit is definitely the word for it.  Everything about the interior is gorgeous, except the speedometer and gauges which look exactly the same as the ones in a VW Beetle with the exception of the very large "V10" and "R8" emblazoned on them which is roughly like putting "Fuel Injected" on a car handbrake kostenlos r8 5.2 Interior guages

The R8 being an Audi is all wheel drive, which gives it a definite "woosh" off the line herunterladen. Doing 0-60 in 4.2 seconds with me behind the wheel (3.7 if someone faster on the shifter is behind the wheel). Audi being very aware that spec’s sell has made the shift between second and third happens at 63 mph and the shift from third to fourth gear is at 104 MPH just where you want them to be to get you the best 0-60 and 0-100 time.  The all-wheel drive was a blessing on the track in terms of speed, but in truth it took the fun out of the laps.  Taking a Mazda Miata around Mazda Speedway you can spend a third of the lap sideways.  The R8 you can’t get sideways for love or money.  The car has unnaturally tight handling and pushes through the curves like it’s on rails, and in my best attempt at making it go sideways I thought I was going to flip the car as I ended up on two wheels in a sideways slide down the corkscrew rather than gracefully drifting through the corner like I would a Corvette, or a Mustang trackmania turbo ps4 strecken downloaden.

Probably because I wasn’t as brave with the R8 as I was the Subaru WRX my lap time was about 4 seconds slower in the R8, this might also have been because the R8 doesn’t have quite the turning radius of the shorter wheel based WRX so I couldn’t take turn 1 nearly as fast, and while the R8 was faster it wasn’t "slower" requiring a greater breaking distance define herunterladen.

Mazda Speedway is no place to even come close to the R8’s Top speed of 196 MPH, and I very much doubt I got the 12MPG City, 20MPG Highway, since I was doing very aggressive Stop and Go hintergrundbilder kostenlos herunterladen für mac.

So would I buy this? Sure.  The Sexy factor is high, it gets no worse mileage than my Jeep Wrangler in daily driving, and with a 24 gallon (yes that is huge) gas tank I can almost make it from San Jose to LA on a single tank of gas (which the Mini Cooper S will do)

Where it gets hard is that the Audi TTS featured in Iron Man 2 does 0-60 in 4.9 seconds (based on the spec) and I did it in 5.0 making the TTS only .8 seconds slower 0-60 with someone of my skill behind the wheel, and as a result of the lower curb weight and shorter wheel base I was 1.2 seconds faster around Mazda Speedway, and that was in a convertible.  This makes the $100k differential in price a little hard to swallow herunterladen.