www.nick.com/iwin Make Your Bedroom Look Like iCarly’s

At nick.com/iwin you can enter to win one of 7 room directions inspired by Carly’s new room.  While I think Mirand Cosgrove is a little old for most these items, if you really want an Ice Cream Sandwich Bench, Cupcake Table, or Gummy Bear Lights, you can enter to win them at nick.com/iwin herunterladen.

If instead you want to just buy the Gummy Bear lights, Amazon Caries them in 7 colors.

The Ice Cream Sandwich bench isn’t available on Amazon but you can find it at Jellio.com for $950

nick.com/iwin Win an Ice Cream Sandwich benchThis seems a bit expensive for a bench that is just a white square with a brown cushion on top ableton live lite herunterladen.

But that’s nothing compared to the $750 for the Cupcake End table.

nick.com/iwin win a cupcake tableAnd if you buy the exact same Gummy Bear Lamp that they are giving away you will pay $125, which is clearly the bargain of the choices. 

Even the Throw Pillow would be $60.  I can’t imaging Carly, Sam, or Freddy’s characters paying that price for a piece of "art furniture" images from huawei.

But if you want to buy these items rather than winning them, or if you end up entering nick.com/iwin and losing, now you know where to find the same items for your room von netflix filmeen.