“American Splendor” comic book writer Harvey Pekar dies

Harvey Pekar, found dead this morning at around 1:00 AM, made a living as a file clerk in Cleveland, Ohio’s Veteran’s Administration Hospital herunterladen. It’s what made his, and others’, life worth living that makes his passing a moment to be mourned.

Pekar wrote the semi-autobiographical comic strip, “American Splendor”, chronicling the every day disappointments and depressions of the average working American music for ipod for free. In the midst of the darkness that sometimes pervades day-to-day life, however, Harvey Pekar created a new kind of comic book hero, the regular man who finds bright spots and humor in that darkness spotify wie viele lieder herunterladen.

“American Splendor” has been compared to the work of Chehkov, and was made into a movie that worn the coveted Grand Jury Prize for dramatic films at the Sundance Film Festival waffen spiele kostenlos downloaden pc. For people who wish to learn more about Pekar, his dry wit can be viewed on a couple David Letterman clips that are floating around the internet, which you can find here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBr4NxujLvw herunterladen. And for those of you inspired and intrigued by the life and work of a cartoonist, here’s another Howcast video to get you started: