How to put symbols in Craigslist Postings (ASCII Hearts Are Your Friend)

When it comes to selling, buying, renting, or trading stuff, you just can’t beat for online classifieds.  But it takes some work to get the perfect posting.  Using symbols in Craigslist postings can help make your post stand out, and look more professional skip bo. Of course you should use relevant symbols, putting musical notes in a real estate posting won’t likely help it, but using the arrows can.

To insert a symbol you simply prefix the symbols ASCII code number with &# and follow it with a semi-colon instagram bilder downloaden app.

here are a few examples:

?    ▲
?    ▶
?     ▖
?    ▆
?      ♠
?      ♥
?    ♦
?     ♬

The Diamond and the Right arrow are likely two of the best choices for Sales Posts.  Use the Heart for Personals, or "Adult" postings.  Use the musical note to sell instruments, advertise events, or promote your musical lessons services videos downloaden facebook app.

The Square boxes are useful if you want to center your title.

There are literally hundreds of symbols you can choose from but these are the most useful, and the ones least likely to get you flagged on Craigslist for spam.