How to Pick the right Prop for your Boat

I recently ordered a replacement prop for my boat from Overtons.  Overtons was very patient and helpful in making sure I got the right thing, but if you are ordering from somewhere else you may want a little help making your choice herunterladen.

Selecting a propeller is an important part of maximizing your boat’s performance. By determining the optimal size and style of prop you will keep the engine operating at its recommended rpm range and allow it to apply its maximum horsepower to the water ps vita games to.

When selecting a prop, the goal is to choose one that allows the engine to reach its optimal Wide Open Throttle (WOT). This is generally between 5000 and 5500 rpm for outboards, 4400 to 4800 for sterndrives, depending on engine type herunterladen. This information is included in the owner’s manual of a new boat or engine.image

Boat propellers come made of three materials de gruyter ganzes buch herunterladen. Composite props offer good performance, are durable, and inexpensive. They also offer some protection for your lower unit during a prop strike. Aluminum props are the most common and are suitable for the widest range of applications since there are so many models and styles available windows updates download niet. Stainless steel props offer the highest performance and best durability.  Aluminum props are the easiest to repair. Composite props are not repairable deezer herunterladen pc.

If you use your boat for more than one type of activity you may want to change your prop based on that.  For example the best prop for trolling may not be the best prop for towing water skiiers.  If you use your boat at different altitudes you may also want to swap your prop.  Water has a different density at different altitudes, and engines have different performance as the air gets thinner. 

Again if you are looking for a prop, it’s hard to beat Overtons font free.