Hulu Plus Not Ready for Prime Time

I joined Hulu Plus! ( )  Applied for an account, waited the weeks to get an invite, paid my money, then fired up my Samsung Blu-ray player and used my remote to do a search for "Chuno" my new favorite Hulu show herunterladen. (Korean Soap Opera’s are my new thing, I  blame Diz).  Hulu Plus however doesn’t have "Chuno".  You can only get it on regular Hulu ddr filme kostenlos downloaden.

Hulu plus has a lot more episodes of things from this season, which is nice, and if you have the bandwidth for the HD, it looks REALLY good, when it works.   This weekend there would be hours of pushing play only to get a "A Network Error has occurred" or I’d be watching a show only to have it drop me back to the menus with no explanation adobe flash kostenlos herunterladen.

Commercial interruptions can be a lot longer than they say because of this.  I get "Loading" screens for up to 3 minutes at commercial breaks from time to time.  The audio Drops on the commercials from time to time, and every time the interface changes resolutions the HDMI has to resync, which isn’t a big deal but it’s not optimal musically alte version herunterladen ios.Hulu Plus Review

Handing the remote to someone who hasn’t used Hulu Desktop, is all but worthless.  The interface isn’t intuitive at points it is down right stupid.  Search defaulted to T9 input.  If I was a 16 year old girl 3 years ago, maybe, but I wasn’t so it’s stupid.  Give me a qwerty on screen keyboard and let me breeze through it slots spiele kostenlos downloaden.

The promise of Hulu Plus is great.  If I could get all the back episodes of TV shows, there are shows that I would catch up on and then watch the new shows.   Nothing Hulu does will get me to watch the shows when they air, I don’t have Cable, Likely in 2 months I will have watched everything I wanted from Hulu Plus, and I’ll turn it off.  It only makes sense at the end of a season, come the new seasons there won’t be back episodes to watch.   Maybe Hulu will surprise me and it will be the place for all my shows for $9.95 a month,   I can get $4 a month of value out of for every show I watch in HD, compared to Xbox Live Video Marketplace, but next summer they will have to pull out something really great to make me want to watch "re-runs" and back episodes psyphon herunterladen.