Raises $3M To Create A Feature Google Already Has

Infoaxe just raised $3M to create a tool that is already a feature in Google.  Don’t get me wrong I get it, Infoaxe is looking to build a service that helps you find the things you already found.   Think of all the times you wanted to show somebody you saw 3 weeks ago, but don’t remember the address.  Google already does this playstation 3 spieleen. does this trick really well.   I don’t use it because I think Google has far too much information about what I do already, but I’d be much more likely to give Google the keys to my past than a little company I never heard of die immer lacht kostenlos herunterladen.

Infoaxe Raises $3M To Create A Feature Google Already Has 

Google History by default only uses your search history, but you can enable it to use all of your browsing history, and you can remove items from your history herunterladen. I was even impressed that I can look at where I went from ads.  There is even trending information that tells me what the sites I click on the most, and what things I search the most.   The more I look at Google History the less excited I am about Infoaxe.  

In July I did 1240 Google Searches.  Most of those were at 11PM on a Tuesday,

Infoaxe Raises $3M To Create A Feature Google Already Has

While I just shared all of this information with you, in order to compile this information, Google had to have all the "secret" information that I wouldn’t want to share with you, like which actresses I searched for, and movies, and the names and email addresses of people I was checking in to videos herunterladen youtube mac.

So, no is a product that doesn’t have a market, can’t compete with Google, and just gives me privacy nightmares.