Net Neutrality Only Bad If It Favors The Other Guy? Google, Verizon, and QoS

I have to say I agree with Cringely… Google and Verizon were talking, this week, and while we don’t know for certain what about, I have my suspicions audible audio herunterladen. That Google and Verizon are working on a deal to make Youtube, and other Google properties faster on the Verizon network.

Net Neutrality is supposed to be about not paying for preferential treatment of sites on a network, or even more importantly it should prevent scenarios where one site might perform better than its competitor and as a result get market share.   That’s the intent at least, but the lack of governance on the Internet and the lack of understanding about how the Internet actually works by those governing has created a loop hole that Verizon and Google are likely looking to exploit herunterladen.

We are all familiar with how fast files on our corporate servers are when we are on the office network, but when we connect from home those files are slower.  They also cost the company you work for more to deliver to you, because all the traffic on the corporate network is "free" and nearly unlimited, but traffic off the network is purchased from someone else, and is limited herunterladen.

Now imagine if those files were instead also just sitting on your home network, they’d be fast and local, and wouldn’t use your, or your company’s Internet herunterladen.

This is what I suspect Google is planning to do. Much like the way Akamai, LimeLight, and other CDN’s do, Google could be looking for local "points of presence" on Verizon’s network.   This would give Google a definite advantage on Verizon’s network, likely save them money, and give Verizon user’s the perception that they have a better connection than they might.  

Verizon that has towers all over the US has more bandwidth between clusters of towers than it has to the Internet, so if Verizon can put 80% of Youtube on their tower’s segment of the Internet, than they can save huge on their Internet bill, Google can save on their Internet bill, but more importantly, Google can provide service to users who would normally not be able to have a high Quality of Experience or possibly the experience wouldn’t work at all, with a level of service better than that on competing networks (not to mention than what their competitors can offer) herunterladen.

Likely Verizon is just the first of many such deals, there is no reason that if Google does a deal with Verizon it won’t do something similar with Comcast, AT&T and others Pastewka ringtone free download.