Return of the Mash Up’s: Why API Companies Have Legs

Let’s face it Twitter and Facebook, and Foursquare suck.  They have a lousy interface, you can’t do half the things you want, or should be able to, and they just suck your time von youtube kostenlos herunterladen.

Tweetdeck on the other hand rocks, and Farmville may be a waste of time, but it’s fun.  While Facebook may be too much of a platform for the point I’m about to make it’s also an API service.   Facebook Connect makes products better, and Twitter integration makes products better, and Foursquare is starting to make products better windows 10 videosen.

A company with a great API is like BASF, "They don’t make the Products you use. They make the products you use better".

FourSquare is working with GroupTabs to create products that reward people checking in on a regular basis by giving group discounts based on the number of people currently checked in to a location how to download minecraft story mode. While FourSquare has never interested me, getting a discount because I checked in to a location might,   This is a kind of hybrid of the "SafeWay Select Card" and the K-Mart "Blue Light Special".  Encouraging me to try and get people to come to the store to trigger an event.  I can see me standing in the Target looking at a product and finding out that if I can get 3 more people to come to the store that I’d get 10% off and frantically calling people to make it happen.  Ok, that’s a lie, but I can see Diz doing it datumprikker downloaden.

Four Square API, Twitter, and Facebook

The point is that doesn’t interest me as a site, and Foursquare doesn’t interest me as a site, and Twitter doesn’t interest me as a site.  But the 3 of them together does.  Imagine checking in at Target, getting a notification that if 3 more people check in that you can get 10% off on the Xbox Game of your choosing, and then being able to push a button that says "notify your Twitter followers, and Facebook Friends," this is not an unreal scenario to think people would do.   Not me, but people in general Friday of the 13 free.

No one of the technologies had any interest to me, but what can be built from the Lego’s makes a lot of sense to me.

Personally I’d welcome the ability to get something for spamming my friends and followers.  Especially if I could do it with out the need to have those online friends join me in the physical world.   Why not give me a discount if I can get 2 other people to buy a product, and make it easy. (Full disclosure they pay me) just did a deal with the city of New York using QR codes to link to videos about recycling.  Why not have a store like Target let me share a product video with my friends and followers and if they purchase the product I get a coupon?  I could see sending a Tweet that says "I’m thinking of buying ‘Kick-Ass’ on Blu-ray, did anyone see it?".  So why not let me do that with a QR code in the store?  I could use my phone to say "Hey watch this video and tell me if I need this hand held steamer" and if people say yes, and order it through the site, or reserve one for pick up, then I’d get a gift certificate via the rewards program prime movies mac.

To me this is the future of social media.  Each company doing the part they are best at, building lego blocks to create a complete story from tiptoi herunterladen mac.