Sprint’s Samsung Epic Going To Replace My Broadband Card, Hopefully

I have been a loyal Windows Mobile user for years, and I briefly thought I would hold out for Windows Phone 7, but I’m not.  I pre-ordered the Samsung Epic 4G.  I’m planning to turn off my MiFi device and use the wifi on the phone in place of my Mobile Broadband "card" outlook nachrichten automatischen.

This is a bit of a big deal for me.  I’m a Microsoftie through and through.  I have a Zune not an iPod, I am the only person in my office on Windows, and you couldn’t pry Outlook from my cold dead hands whatsapp aktualisieren herunterladen.

So why the Samsung Epic instead of the EVO? A keyboard for one.   I’m apparently too "old" to text and e-mail on a virtual keyboard.   The display, the speed, the ability to build my own apps quickly and easy, I can’t come up with a reason to get a Windows Phone 7.  Briefly I thought the Xbox Live integration was going to be the killer app.  Nope, the games aren’t Xbox Games.  Zune Integration Download card games for mac for free? Nope, you can’t stream to the phone, or add music via the 3g/4g connection.Sprint's Samsung Epic Going To Replace My Broadband Card, Hopefully

Microsoft dropped the ball on this one.  Sprint I think is going to hit a home run with the Samsung Epic.  I have had other Samsung Phones and loved them, I expect this to be a great device, and Google is making Android easy to love.  iPhone just added tethering… but big whoop, I want to be an access point for me and the people at my meeting.  That’s what "anytime Internet" means to me.   My HTC Touch Pro can be a Wifi  Access point, but it is a bit flakey when it does it, requires extra software, and can’t get a call while it is in that mode fotos herunterladen vom iphone.

So while I am annoyed my Unlimited Talk/