Colin Fitz Lives! And Finally Makes It To The Movie Theater

Colin Fitz Lives! Having received one of the best reviews Robert Ebert ever gave a comedy, you’d have expected this film that one multiple Sundance awards would have taken it’s place along side "Clerkherunterladen! Review " border="0" alt="Colin Fitz Lives! Review " align="right" src="" width="226" height="182" />s" and other Indie comedy hits.   That never happened because the film ran out of money.  

Colin Fitz Lives youtube videos herunterladen software! is about a singer song writer who died leaving a strange following of hippy-like misfits who believe he is either not dead, or has transcended to another plane of existence.  Every year on the anniversary of his death his fans come to visit his grave, and things get a little out of hand.   The movie follows the small town police who are tasked with guarding his grave and the hilarity that ensues musiken amazon.

Watch it OnDemand on August 4th, or in limited theaters starting August 6th.