Web Hosting Review: Google AppEngine Lowered My Hosting Costs 85%

If you are reading this article you are getting the Google AppEngine Experience.  While my back end is powered by WordPress, AppEngine is being used as a reverse caching proxy to accelerate the delivery, and lower the load on my physical server kalender desktop kostenlosen.

This model works really well for me.  I get the ease of WordPress, and the full feature set of plugins and extensions that WordPress offers, but I get the speed of AppEngine, which is FAST.   The latency of Apache and PHP is high, many times it would take 950ms to server just the HTML portion of my pages, now those serve in most instances in under 100ms for broadband users. 

About 95% of my pages are served via AppEngine from cache, so only 5% of the load is being put on my server.  This saves me a lot of headaches.  When you get a huge spike in traffic normally you have near linear load on your server, so if 10k people a day is 30% load, 100k people is 300% load, and some of those people get a bad experience, but because only traffic which is to unique pages hits my physical server if 100k people view the same 4 pages my server gets no additional load atmel studio 7 herunterladen.

Because Google’s Search Bots crawl my site so often the odds of a user hitting a page which isn’t in cache is nearly 0%.   Web hosting Review Google AppEngine

Cloud Hosting from Google is cheaper than my single server by a lot to begin with, but because I have to plan capacity as though I would have my best days everyday when building a physical server, I can save even more drastically when you look at my best days being 20x the traffic of an average day amazing grace kostenlos herunterladen.

There are some downsides to Google AppEngine that I feel obligated to mention when doing a review.  For one they don’t have a phone support line, so if things break you are at their mercy.  Two they are by default a proprietary hosting solution so if you write an app for them it isn’t easy to migrate to another service.  I have mitigated this by using them as an RCP nacon revolution unlimited profile herunterladen.

I have been quite happy with AppEngine, and am moving more of my sites to it, so overall I have to say it gets top marks from me, as long as you review your needs, and understand that you have to be reasonably self managing download cat videos for free.